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Remove or Modify Link Request Form

Use this form to request the immediate removal of a link from our web directory, stop the next annual fee, modify url links, or add or change a banner advertisement. For verification purposes, it is important you provide the Contact Name and Contact Email used when your listing was first submitted to the Directory. We allow one free change to your listing per year. Modications can include changing the url to where your Directory link points to or changing the banner ad for your Directory listing and Banner Ad Rotation Program (Premium link only).
Domain Name:

Directory Category where current link appears:

Contact Person Name:

Contact Person's Email Address:

I wish to perform the following:

Immediately remove Basic or Premium listing from the Directory and stop my banner from being shown in the Banner Ad Rotation Program. I understand I will not receive any prorated or partial refund for time remaining on annual membership. (This option is generally used for companies or organization that have ceased operations, please allow 5 business days for link removal to be completed.)

Stop the automatic renewal and remove my listing after my current annual membership expires.

Please modify the url links to where my Directory listing points to a different url as described in the Comments box below.

Please add a banner ad to my web directory listing or replace the existing banner with a new image, as described in the Comments box below. (Please provide the url location of where we may locate your banner ad in the space below. Or, you may copy and paste your new banner ad in an email and send to: banners@siteclimbmarketing.com.)


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