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Please review Listing Guidelines & Terms prior to submission. After completing website link details, you will be taken to a secure payment processing screen provided by 2Checkout.com or Paypal to complete the submission process. A Premium Listing costs $49 annually and is renewed automatically each year on your submission anniversary date.
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Or, you may copy and paste your banner ad in an email and send to: banners@siteclimbmarketing.com. Please indicate your domain name in email.

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* Website Title, Description and Url fields are required. Please note we reserve the right to edit your title and description for appropriate content, length and grammar to preserve the quality of our Directory.

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* For a Premium Listing, a full-size banner (maximum 468 X 60 pixels) will be included in our Banner Ad Rotation Program, which is featured at the top of our web pages. Please be aware we reduce banner images to a height of 30 pixels for our Directory pages. For example, a standard 468 X 60 banner will be reduced by 50% to a size of 234 X 30. Distortion of banner image can occur in the reduction process. We encourage you to view a reduced version of your banner ad prior to submission. You may use your own photo editor or we recommend Gif Works online image editing tool. However, for a Premium Listing, please provide a full-size banner for the Rotation Program. We will perform the necessary image reduction for the category page. Banners are not required for your link to be listed in our Directory and can be submitted at a later date. We allow one free change to your Directory listing per year.

* Please select an appropriate category for your business or organization. We reserve the right to place your link in a more appropriate category than the one chosen or create a sub-category for your business link.

* Contact name and email address are required, but are not listed on our Directory pages. We require name and email to contact you if we have questions related to your link request. We also use name and email as a means to verify possible future change or cancel requests related to your link.

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